Thursday, April 30, 2009

Something Blue Saturday

Earlier this week, Julie suggested doing a post on Something Blue this Saturday. Check out Julie's blog for her post. Above is a picture of a beautiful cloud formation right over my street one evening. Isn't it a beauty? The pictures that follow are some of my favorite things that are blue. In Dow Gardens, last summer. What a beautiful place to take a walk and see all the lovely flowers and trees. Morning Glories - a picture from the internet.
My husband worked for the Santa Fe for 41 years and was a railroader through and through. He also had an HO layout for almost all of our married life. This is a picture of the Santa Fe Blue Goose that ran in the 1930's. Ray had a model of this engine in his layout - it was a prized piece of rolling stock. Gorgeous forget-me-nots - taken from the internet. I have grown them, however. Gardening has been one of joys in my life.

Thought this was very cute and how most of us feel some days. Snoopy looks so comfy!The little Smurfs. Are they still around? Would watch them with my two older granddaughters. I took this picture from my front door after an ice storm. Kind of pretty.Fabric - blue fabric!!! Love it - and also red, green, pink, purple, etc. etc.! These are batiks and they have a special place in my heart!!

A blue small quilt made from Kaffee Fasset fabrics.Gorgeous hydrangeas from the same walk at Dow Gardens.

My ornamental kale from last year. The curly leaves are so pretty and the color is scrumptious.

Started out with blue skies - now the best for last! Two beautiful big blue eyes of a most darling little girl (one of three, may I add, but the other two are brown eyed) that I love so very much! She is all grown up now but still has those big blue eyes!
Hope you enjoyed my "Something Blue". (Click on the photos to enlarge)


Leslie said...

Oh yes, i did enjoy your something blue. What color is next week.

QuiltinCanuck said...

Carol - I love your pictures - and your story about your husband! Ending with your granddaughter was very Sweet - till next time. J

Karen said...

Wonderful post!!

Norah said...

Where oh where did my cute little sisters go? ;-) Love you, Grandma! xxx0000xxx

Beth Niquette said...

What incredible!