Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tomorrow is May Day

Happy May Day tomorrow!!
When I was a little kid in grade school eons ago, we used to make cone baskets from wallpaper and fill them with flowers then hang them on someone's doorknob. Does anyone do that anymore? I can remember putting lilacs in them and maybe lillies of the valley - whatever was available on May 1st. Another nice memory I have of spring - early spring - is the sound of the frogs in a pond in our neighbor's yard. Just loved to hear the soft croaking in the evening.


Leslie said...

When I taught school we use to have the kids make the cone baskets and flowers made with tissue paper and pipe cleaners for stems. They were so pretty. Then we use to take a tether pole and ribbons and have the kids dance around the May Pole. Good times.

Janet said...

I remember doing this. We made one cone at school but mother helped us make more at home and my sister and I would deliver them anonymously to neighbors. These are simple gifts that would bring joy to lonely people today.