Saturday, April 25, 2009

Working on Some New Flower Blocks

I put together three more flower blocks and they are in varying stages of completion. One is finished and down on the wall in the basement with the others. Just took a picture of the remaining two - one of which is almost done and the other needs to have some new leaves put on and be buttonholed. This is just a peek and will post all three when I finish the stitching. I have been using Sulky for the stitching and I really do like that - it looks smooth and has a pretty sheen. Still staying with mainly Kaffe Fassett fabrics - there is a little love-hate relationship with them for me. The colors are wonderful but some of the fabrics are kind of ugly. I do love his books and all the quilts in them, though. Think you just have to be ready to dive in and mix 'em up!! Anyone else feel that way? (Click to enlarge)


leslie said...

I do love his fabric collections but when you have the nerve to put them together they seem to just go perfectly. I agree his fabrics alone are very ugly but when you don't add his ugly ones to the piece it really isn't as pretty. Lets say his fabrics are an aquired taste.

Janet said...

As I've said, I love this blocks. I can hardly wait to see the whole quilt together. None of what I see appear ugly. I'm not that familiar with a specific line of fabric but as the above commenter said, they are made to be together. I have yet to use sulky thread. Your results inspire me to try.