Monday, May 25, 2009

Finally, Flower Planting Time

My first plant purchase this year - a great flat of sweet allysum that I love and use a lot of. Then I stopped at another of my favorite nurseries and bought two lovely hanging baskets - this pretty lobelia
and I think this is verbena in a sweet soft pink. Love pink and blue flowers!!

Then I looked for the pretty fancy leaf begonias that I had last year on the front stoop. There were several different ones but not the same one. However, don't you think this is a gorgeous substitution?

In with it I am going to put this lovely lacey plant and some white double impatients and allysum.Today I bought a flat of fibrous begonias - those have been a mainstay with me for a long time. They bloom and bloom and are so pretty. They even like the sun. Next I found these lovely geraniums that are kind of like ivy geraniums. The tag says they are semi trailing. They certainly caught my eye and they are gorgeous plants so they came to live on my patio, also.
Below are more geraniums and a glimpse of the double white impatients.
Tomorrow I will stop at two or three more places, see what I can't live without and start planting my containers. I think many of the quilters are also lovers of gardening! Kind of goes together.
(Click to enlarge)


lesthook said...

All very pretty!We bought a few new ones this year. My daughter and sister work in a prison and buy a lot of plants from the nursery there.

Leslie said...

Carol, very pretty. Did you think that the prices were very high this year,though on the flowers. I did. I went shopping on Wednesday and Thursay and spent all that was in my change purse also. I do love the pretty flowers, they make a yard another room in the house. I love to sit and greet people on my porch when it is filled with flower pots and hanging baskets. I put out a quilt or two on the wicker chairs for an extra splash of color.

Karen said...

Now that is a lovely mix of flowers. I love sweet allysum. It smells wonderful.

barbara jean said...

Love the flowers...esp the begonia. I found a silver leaf begonia this year called Fairy...of course I bought it! Wish it would get warm enough for our plants to grow!

QuiltinCanuck said...

Heh Carol - I'm back and catching up on all my favorite blogs! You've been busy! I love the flower applique quilt top - were they all from the infamous book I gave you? I also love the old pics and look forward to future Fashion Friday postings...enjoy your planting (when your done do you want to come over and take care of mine? kidding) Cheers, J