Friday, May 22, 2009

The Floral Blocks are Together

Here they are together and ready for a border. The plan is to put a 3/4" first border of the turquoise and purple fabric in the lower left hand block, then probably a three inch border of the background fabric - binding with the turquoise purple. As of now, I am not planning on any applique on the border but will attempt to quilt some feathers or something else pretty. Will see how it looks when it's laid out. Maybe I will decide it needs a little applique. I wish I would have turned the background fabric behind the basket block the other way so that I could have had that in the middle row. There is a definite way the blocks have to be laid out and that one can only go in the two short vertical rows. This is a cheery little thing - fun to do. The colors in Kaffee Fasset's fabrics are so rich - they just sing. (Click to enlarge)


Karen said...

Just beautiful Carol!!!

della said...

Wow - what a beauty.

Janet said...

The finished assemblage of your blocks is gorgeous. You did yourself proud.