Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Birthday, Molly

Twenty-eight years ago today, a darling little girl with big brown eyes came into our lives. Molly is the middle granddaughter in a set of three all of whom have given their grandparents such joy and so much fun and happy memories.
This is the granddaughter that labeled me the "old hag" when we would tease each other. I think that got started in a spirited game of croquet back in Illinois.

Molly in her pretty dress always brings back a very fond memory. Sher, Barclay and the girls came from Michigan to Illinois for Christmas before we moved up here. Dinner was almost ready and everyone was presentable but not really dressed up. Molly came out from the bedroom in her pretty dress, white tights and red shoes - all ready for Christmas dinner. That was an "Awwwww" moment for me.
So, Molly, have a wonderful birthday out there in Portland and, even though your paper card won't get there on time, I am thinking of you and sending you lots of love and

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QuiltinCanuck said...

Very sweet Carol - Molly is lucky you are her Grandma! J