Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

Here is a picture that very well could have been taken in the early 1900's on Memorial Day (or Decoration Day as the holiday was also referred to in the "old days") back in Rome, Illinois, at the Sionilli cottage belonging to my grandparents. I could have saved this for the 4th of July, but I have another fun picture for that occasion. These two happy looking waders standing in the Illinois River are my grandparents, Dan and Maggie Pearce. I love their swimwear - Grandpa has kind of a little potbelly and knobby knees and Grandma looks just plain cute. Amazing to see pictures of them younger, especially Maggie. Don't know who is out in the boat behind them. Hope you are having a good weekend!
(Click to enlarge)


FeatherDuster said...

Those old wool swimsuits must've been so heavy when they were wet! :O

limpingalong said...

Wonderful picture -- thanks for sharing!

Janet said...

Fun, fun, fun.