Friday, May 29, 2009

Fashion Friday

Here again is one of the best dressed chicks in Peoria sometime around 1915-20. Mom seemed to just love posing in her pretty outfits. This one features such a lovely hat with a gorgeous feather and a chic fur stole. According to the times, she wore leather gloves and high button shoes and her suit was probably wool. How times have changed. Most people rarely dress up to such an extent - at least the ones that I know. I do like the casual approach better. (Click to enlarge)


Leslie said...

I can remember playing with my Grandmas fur stoles in Church on Sundays during the sermons. She had one that was my favorite it had 3 red minx hooked together in a row with beaded eyes. It actually was kind of creepy now that i think about it. All of the ladies wore them though. My grandma would take it off one wool coat and attach it to another depending on her outfit and shoe and purse choice. It attached with a row of hook and eyes. Memories, huh.

QuiltinCanuck said...

What another great pic - I LOVE the boots - I think they would be stylish even by today's standards! J