Monday, May 18, 2009

Musical Monday

I didn't post a song last Monday, but I will today. Here is one I remember about the time that Ray and I got married. It's by Kay Kyser and Harry Babbit sings it. Hope you enjoy this little ditty! Some of our music was really silly - but so is each generation's music. We love it anyway!

Now, here's another one - Duke Ellington's Sophisticated Lady - so pretty. Enjoy this one, too.

Maybe next Monday I will put up some of the smooth jazz that I love so much.

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lesthook said...

Carol,I sure appreciate your comments on my blog! Would you believe I have not figured out how to e-mail you and say thank you? The more I learn on this computer the more I need to learn,LOL! People e-mail me to say thank you when I comment on their blogs but I can't return the favor. I will have to learn how. Anway I appreciate your support! Leta