Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Word about Hectographs

Yesterday I was rummaging around in the basement looking in my bins of old pictures, newspaper clippings and all sorts of mementoes and keepsakes. Naturally, in nothing flat I was browsing through them and just completely enjoying looking at things the kids had made, old cards, letters - I am sure I could spend days going through these old memory triggers. I found this - something I had made in grade school for my mom on a long ago Mother's Day. I don't know if the poem is original or something our teacher had us write and I don't know how old I was. Probably 8 or 9 so this little old card is really oooooold.

Then I got to thinking about the hectograph - do any of you remember that? That was truly a very early copy "machine". I looked it up on the internet - I could remember that it was a jellylike substance on which you pressed a paper that had words or drawings written on it using a certain kind of pencil or ink. It was a lavendar or purplish color. The surface took the ink and you could then press another paper down and when you lifted it the print from the pad would be on the paper. If you enlarge the picture of the card, you will see that the outlines are a lavendar color. I remember doing that in school for the teacher sometime. You could actually make a lot of copies from one imprint. So that, my dear friends, is my little lesson of the day for you! A drawing of a hectograph follows.

Actually on the internet there are instructions for making a hectograph - it is gelatin and glycerine mixed some way. However, I think the printer-copier is much easier to use and I will not be making my own hectograph.


barbara jean said...

Hectograph, huh? I remember a mimeograph copy process but I don't go that far back to remember Sounds interested though and since I'm out of printer ink right now..... : )

andy said...

Along with the lessons of how to color a Lily of the Valley flower, and make coal/salt corals!!! You are a treasure chest!!!!