Monday, June 22, 2009

The Birdies from Across the Street

The little occupants of the wreath across the street have flown the nest but are evidently still around the neighborhood. There have been several sightings of Momma Robin feeding at least two little ones - may be more.

A little while ago I looked out my front door and there were visitors in my yard. Momma has scared up some nice, juicy worms for the little one. And here she is ready to give the little fellow (or gal) a nice meal. Wonder how many worms she finds in a day for the family? The pictures appear to have come out pretty well despite the fact that I took them through the screen door - try clicking to enlarge.


Janet said...

I'm fascinated by birds. The most exotic ones we have are hummingbirds so when we are traveling or visiting, I love to sit and bird watch. It must be fun seeing this mom and baby together.

barbara jean said...

Aren't the baby birds sweet! We have a mom and dad cardinal always in the beech tree in front--ALL the time. Yesterday I found out why! Teeny baby cardinal in our hosta plants under the beech I quitely walked away instead of fetilizing them with the liquid stuff I use!

andy said...

I miss my little family..thanks for the new pics, Carol. I think I have spotted them, too!