Thursday, June 25, 2009

Flower Garden Quilt Blocks

I decided to post the rest of the blocks for you this morning. I am making them smaller and hope that when they are clicked on they will be the same size as the blocks posted beforehand.

You are so welcome to these patterns - I am glad to share with you. Another thing I will share one day is an old quilt that has quilt blocks my mother-in-law she embroidered when she was quite young and that was quilted by her mother-in-law. I will get it out and take some pictures one day soon. I think the blocks are of state flowers, but probably don't remember correctly since I haven't looked at it in a long time. Probably out of the Peoria paper, also. Enjoy!! (Click to enlarge)


barbara jean said...

I'm off to the library to print the Peoria embroideries!
Still haven't replaced my empty ink cartridges : )
I'll miss you tomorrow : (
Thanks Carol.

Karen said...

Thank you Carol!