Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I was a Paper Doll Addict

Back in the "old days", I don't think we grew up quite as fast as the kids do today. There was no television and a trip to the movies didn't happen very often. I actually played with paper dolls probably when I was still in the 7th and 8th grade - although a lot of that was drawing around the doll, designing and coloring outfits and I guess that could be considered being creative.
Here is the original comic strip character that I came to love. Flapper Fanny was the forerunner of Mopsy. The picture above is dated the year I was born so I wasn't into paper dolls yet!
This one is dated 1935 when I would have been about 7 - and she looks like the Mopsy I loved. Give me paper dolls and I was one happy little girl! I remember Gone with the Wind paps, the Royal family when Elizabeth and Margaret Rose were little girls (my birthdate is the same as Margaret Rose), and various and sundry other lovely books to cut up.

Here is Mopsy. Another thing I loved to do was try and draw her - I could do it pretty well.

Now this would be the Mopsy doll as I remember her - ain't she cute? This, however, was one that was published after I had grown out of my paper doll stage. I also loved Brenda Starr but cannot find those dolls on the web. We didn't have much in the way of toys as kids, but when I look way back at my childhood I remember it fondly.
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Leslie said...

Oh how I remember my dolls. I got a true sized baby doll for my 7th Christmas with a crib and a high chair seat. It was a Madame Alexander Doll and I am sure my mother saved for it. She came Christmas morning with real life infant baby dresses and sleepers. She only wore real clothes not doll clothes. I loved and cared for her dearly. I loved the pinky finger right off of it and had to put a bandage on it. Madame Alexander Dolls were known for having real hair that you could comb. I called her Katy. Thanks for stimulated this memory for me. How nice.

barbara jean said...

I love the newspaper paper dolls...YIKES! 1935 copyright at the bottom of the page! I enjoy your postings of all your family photos, especially looking at the style of dress, shoes and hats!

Anonymous said...

I was a real paper doll lover tooo. Wish I still had them.

Karen said...

I loved my paper dolls!