Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Old Bluework Blocks

Today I put this little wallhanging together using six of the lovely old bluework blocks that were done by my sister's mother-in-law years and years ago.

The stitching on the blocks is beautiful. The only problem was that the blocks had been left in the hoop for a long time and in the same place. You can see the circle where the hoop held the fabric. I soaked the blocks for a long time and they did come out much better than they were, but there is still a trace to be seen. However, I think the quilting will cause that to be less noticeable. And despite of everything, they are so cute. There are a lot more of them - a lot of rabbits and some Alice in Wonderland - so I will do at least two more later on.
(Click to enlarge


Jewels said...

Carol these are very nice - well done - the fabric blocks you used are just right! J

Anonymous said...

LOVE your fabric choices! so cute!

Janet said...

Your choice of snowball nicely frames these special needle works. I recognize that same blue print that we both have.

Karen said...

I really love this quilt!! You did a beautiful job framing the stitchery.