Friday, June 19, 2009

Some Very Old Flower Garden Embroidery Patterns

Looking through some old, old embroidery patterns, I found a set of embroidery patterns for a flower garden quilt that ran in the Peoria Journal-Transcript in 1930. These were probably from a box of things I bought at an auction. There are 24 out of 25 but still plenty if someone wanted to make an entire quilt. I have scanned the drawings and am posting three of them to see if anyone would be interested in seeing more. They might make good redwork or bluework or work with assorted colors.
There are some that are really pretty and others that are quite plain but together they would still make a pretty wallhanging or quilt when mixed with some scrappy blocks of one kind or another.

I love this lilac block. There is also one called canterbury bells that is really cool. If anyone likes them, I would be glad to keep posting two or three at a time. When you enlarge the picture, you can read the suggestions for sewing the blocks and making the quilt. (Click to enlarge)


barbara jean said...

You KNOW I love these flower patterns! I enlarged and read them too. Keep posting and I'll definitely be one who is printing them! Thanks, Carol

My Mother's Garden said...

These are really pretty patterns! I could see using the designs in my ceramic work. Thank you!

Karen said...

Very nice! I would love to see and save them all. :)

Janet said...

I love the idea of using these stylized, simplified designs. Keep them coming.