Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What are the Odds?

Every meeting of the guild, there are several drawings. One is for fat quarters (for non-quilters that is a half of a half yard of fabric and is approximately 18 x 42) that requires you to bring in as many as you wish and you can put your name in the drawing as many times as the number of pieces you bring. Then each month someone volunteers to bring a door prize and you buy tickets to be in the drawing. Last year I won several times - enough that the gals were giving me all kinds of static (it was all in fun, of course). So I just didn't get into the drawings this year so others could have a chance - LOL! But tonight I bought two tickets and then it started - no one else could win cause Carol bought tickets! The prize was furnished by Leslie, our president, and when the time came to draw she had me draw the ticket. Are you figuring out what happened? YES---------I drew my own! First time all year, and I won the prize. What a lot of razzing, giggles, remarks and just plain fun that started!
So, here is the pretty package I won-----
and here are the pretty contents in that pretty box. I still can't believe that I drew my very own ticket!!!!!! Should I start buying lottery tickets? Who has more fun than quilters?
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Jewels said...

Yes what ARE the odds! You are our resident good luck charm Carol...had lots of fun at Guild and thanks for the demo. J

Leslie said...

Oh no, I got home and your bag of candy is still on the counter. I forgot to put it in. I will bring in on Saturday at the sit and sew. Have you ever been to our Bay CIty Candy Shop it is called St Laurent Bros. and it is yummy. I wonder if my subconscious led me to leave your candy treat out of the gift box. lol