Friday, July 17, 2009

Fashion Friday

Nan and her sisters and friends weren't the only ones that were fashionably dressed back in the early 1900's. Their parents, Dan and Maggie, were also very savvy in picking out their wardrobes. We see Dan in a three piece suit and white shirt featuring rounded collar and cufflinks. His hat looks to have the brim turned back at a jaunty angle. Some sort of a watch fob hangs from his vest button. Maggie is wearing a beautiful smile and her coat has an inset band and pleats and is worn over what appears to be a two tiered skirt. Her hat is wonderful - a wide brim and what probably is a taffeta band with a flat bow. As seen in the notation at the bottom of the bottom of the picture, they were spending a lovely day in Glen Oak Park. Isn't it amazing how leisure time is spent in the early years of the 2000's in comparison to back then? (Click to enlarge)


Leslie said...

Oh now that is a fun photo. You and your brother are fortunate that you have taken the time to share your pictures with each other. I am off to the cottage when Gar is done with his morning swimming workout, have a great weekend, Carol.

Jewels said...

Carol - I love making your photos bigger and taking a look at the detail - and what wonderful smiles they BOTH have - they were obviously having a good time! J