Friday, July 31, 2009

Fashion Friday

We have six lovely models today in pretty summery outfits for you to enjoy. On the left is Maggie, my grandmother, wearing a pretty skirt and blouse with three-quarter sleeves and looking lovely. The next girl is unknown, but is wearing what appears to be a lacey short jacket and just darling strappy shoes. Next is Ruth, who is a friend of my aunt Nelle, in a dark skirt and white bouse. Then Nan - who is looking a little pouty in this photo - in a lovely print skirt, pretty blouse and dark belt. She, too has really cute shoes. The next girl is dressed in a simple, yet pretty, skirt and blouse. Our last model, who seems to have a lot to say, is looking lovely in rather a frilly outfit. Again, I am wondering what was the occasion that these women are attending and where it was. (Click to enlarge)

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blushing rose said...

Love these old photos ... what beauties of their time. TTFN ~ Marydon