Thursday, July 16, 2009

Feels Good to Get Some Things Done

Our guild has been making quilts for charity and this is one of them. Helen made the thirty-five blocks and I volunteered to put them together and now Mary Ann will bind it. There are other ones that have been made, also, but I don't know how many total. This was a wrestling match to get together and I hope no one looks at how the seams match up too closely, but it's sturdy and will keep someone very warm and cozy.

Then I am wanting to start my Polka Dot Girls embroidery blocks. I think I am going to do them in one color and it will probably be this pink. The fabric I have has lots of that pretty color in it. I did the teacup because I wanted to test out using a transfer pencil by tracing the pattern (after I had scanned it and printed it in mirror image) on tissue then ironing it on the fabric. It does very well! I also took one that I had experimented with and wet it down - the pink came out quite well so I don't think there would be any trouble in having it smear.

To the far right is the tissue still over the pattern and left is the tissue ready to iron onto the fabric. Makes tracing much easier than trying to trace it on the fabric. I think that is the way I will go. The Polka Dot Girls are so cute! Barbara has lots of hers done already and they are beautiful. The patterns she traced on to her fabric look like they had been done professionally.

Seems like everyone is getting the itch to embroider again! (Click to enlarge)


Janet said...

The drawings of these ladies brings a smile to me. The charity quilt turned out great. I especially like the choice of black sashing.

Karen said...

The charity quilt looks wonderful. I like your idea for transfering the Girls to the fabric and your teacup is looking good!

barbara jean said...

Hey Carol! I have three more blocks to go on the Polka Dot Girls...and the heart applique blocks. Waiting on those until I take your buttonhole class with the guild.
The stuff you post makes your blog so fun to look at each day. I especially like to enlarge all the pictures. See you soon...... : )