Thursday, July 23, 2009

Before and After

Here is the first small block of the Polka Dot Girls finished. I can still see the pink lines of the transfer pencil that I used to draw the block on tissue paper for ironing to the fabric. It really works well but the floss doesn't cover all of the pink. One area I can really cut down on that is by just putting a dot at each end of a lazy daisy - no problem there. However, when I was playing around on another piece, I washed the fabric and the pink came out quite well.
So here is the piece after I washed it and it seems to be all gone except just a bit toward the bottom. The threads that run from place to place on the back show through some but don't think I will sweat that. I am using diferent pinks and dark reds and a touch of orangy yellow which I do like. Reading other blogs, I see that some of the girls use iron on interfacing on the back of the fabric to stop the thread from shadowing through. I suppose there is no perfect way except to use heavier fabric. Anyway, I think this looks okay and I will forge ahead.
(Click to enlarge)


blushing rose said...

This is so sweet ... great workmanship. TTFN ~Marydon

Jewels said...

Heh Carol - I will use a piece of muslin on the back to avoid shadowing - I've also used batting...looks very nice! J

Leslie said...

I think that they look really nice. I got a new pattern for black work today in Detroit while I took Elle to skate. I will show you when we next meet.

Karen said...

Sweet Carol! I stitch with muslin on the back and it works very well.