Thursday, July 16, 2009

More Pictures from my Brother

Bud has sent me many, many pictures the last couple of days - some of which I have never seen or cannot recall having seen. This one is one of the standouts. In my grandparents' living room most likely sometime before or after 1915 at Christmas time long before I was born. At first, I thought the Christmas tree was on the table, but now I can see it is behind the table. I recognize the old victrola and that has to be the same piano I used to "play" when I was little. When my grandfather got tired of hearing my music he would give me a little pinch. I love the floor lamp and don't remember that. The picture of the lady on the wall I think is a great grandmother.
Then to the left of the window I spied the little oval picture which looked familiar. I have that picture - not the same one but one just like it. Mine is above. Love the old pictures that have poems and messages on them and I have a lot of them from antique stores and auctions. Later I will post some pictures of their house which I am so glad to have. And Fashion Friday will be going on for a long time thanks to my kid brother!! (Click to enlarge)


blushing rose said...

Huge collector of family vintage pictures ... they tell such beautiful silent stories & create wonderful memories for the young. TTFN ~Marydon

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Jewels said...

Carol - I love this picture - doesn't it just make you sit back and wonder - who decorated the tree, where did all the furniture come from, what was it like living in the house at that time. Lucky you to have these. J