Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Home Ec Project

Yesterday at Sit and Sew we were talking about sewing. As mentioned in a previous post, no one in my family ever did any sewing, quilting, embroidery, crochet, etc., and I have no idea how I became so enamored with working with fabric, thread, yarn, and needles and hooks. But I most certainly did.I was telling about the dress I made in home ec when I was a freshman in high school - it was done on a treadle machine - and I just scanned a picture of me in my dress. I also have my hair up in pincurls covered with a bandana which was common for me back then. Shirley Temple and I are the same age and I think all little girls of that era thought you had to have curly hair! With me in the photo is my sister, Joanne - Jo - who was about three years younger. The dress had insertion lace with red ribbon running through it around the hipline seam and on the collar. The fabric had red roses in it. Now that I look at it closely, it looks rather complicated for a first time project but it appears to be pretty well made. Check out the anklets! This was taken in the summer of 1943. (Click to enlarge)


blushing rose said...

Love the pics. Awww! yes, anklets ... I remember them well thru the 50s & then we wouldn't be caught dead in them in the 60s. Memories ... TTFN ~Marydon

Jewels said...

My one and only Home Ec project was a skirt (I seem to recall) that never got finished. That and how to make "cinnammon toast".. I do remember the home ec teacher (whose name I can't remember) had a big hairy wart on her face, poor dear (I kid you not) that all the girls were just fascinated with - totally distracted us from the work at hand!

Janet said...

As a HEc teacher, this would have been a complex project and I'm not sure I would have allowed you to tackle it. You did a great job, especially on a treadle. I have my grandmothers and have sewn on it over the years and its not easy to control. Enjoy your photos as usual.