Saturday, July 18, 2009

Some More Things from an Old Quilt

In a recent post, I showed some things I had purchased that were made out of old quilts. The things in this post, I am ashamed to say, were made from an old quilt that was given to me when I was first married and that I actually used up. A woman I worked with in a law office gave it to me - her mother had made it. No one in my family ever did anything like quilting, embroidery, knitting, crochet, etc. In fact, I wonder how I came to love so many of the needle arts so much without ever having been exposed to them by someone close to me. As a little girl, I would buy small kits at the dime store if and when I ever got any money. I learned some things by being in 4H for a little while and taking home ec in high school. I do remember my grandmother making aprons. I was fascinated with a yoyo coverlet on their bed but I don't know who made it or whatever happened to it. Here is bear that is made from part of the old quilt. I also made at least one smaller one like this and gave it to my daughter-in-law. The bear is sitting on my old oak commode that I found at an antique show in Peoria--part of my chamber pot collection. You can see another little pot peeking out from beneath the oak one. The stockings in the above photo are trimmed in some old antique lace I got at an auction in Illinois.
The pattern for this little fellow is from a 1983 That Patchwork Place book called Country Christmas. I should put a neat little bow around the kitty's neck. Since I am a quilter now and know the time and work (and enjoyment) that goes into a quilt, I feel sad that I did not take better care of the quilt. (Click to enlarge)


Jewels said...

Heh Carol - ya know I was thinking for program one month we should folks bring in examples of things they have made "repurposing" old quilts. You have lots of great things to share and I'm sure others do as well! J

barbara jean said...

I love all the sweet little gems you post, Carol.
Good idea Jewels has for program! I don't have quilted gems but I do have a few pincushions from woven coverlets.