Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What a Great Picture

I was looking at Blogs of Note and followed a link to one called Selvage and I found this picture. Be sure to click to enlarge to see it closer. The blog author had a cute post with it asking if someone would do her a favor and water her flowers while she was on vacation for three weeks. For those of us with just container gardens, this is the ultimate goal, don't you think? But how the heck would you get your watering done? I guess you would hope it rained every other day. And how would you hang all those pots on the wall? Fun stuff.


blushing rose said...

Holy tamales! I thought I was overindulgent with my florals everywhere ... hmmm. That would be a challenge to keep up. Gorgeous, tho. TTFN ~ Marydon

Leslie said...

Well i am off to the cottage for the weekend. We will have lots of guests and i hope fun for all. If a teen brings their lap top, i will check in on the blog. Have a fun holiday!

Janet said...

This is fun. I too am a container gardener. My son set up a drip system but can you image little hoses running all over these walls?