Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What a Mess!

This is the fabric that I go through for the Tisket A Tasket BOM. I make such awful messes when I am trying to pick out my fabrics - never take the time to refold anything and therefore never can find my scissors, rulers, rotary cutter, etc. I eventually make all the decisions and then clean up my squirrel's nest.
This is the mess I made figuring out the layout for the little Christmas stitcheries I have been doing. Eight are done and the last one is about half way finished. I intend to make three wall hangings pretty much the same.
Here is the row that I have figured out. In the blank block I will put appliques in one of the dark reds. Thinking mistletoe - easy to cut - maybe two clusters with red shiney buttons for the berries. The second row would have the embroidery first and the third row will be pretty much like the first one.

Here is a peek at Tisket a Tasket with what I am going to do for sashing - and some of the fabric I am thinking of for July's basket which features a little white lamb. I will use a piece of the white wool from my little white quilt. This is fun and quick to do. There is a page on Flickr that has lots and lots of pictures of the blocks being done -
You might want to take a look at it and see some of the pretty blocks. (Click to enlarge)


Karen said...

Such a colourful mess!! I'm loving the Christmas stitcheries. Wonderful fabric and layout. Also,nice selection of fabric for your A Tisket, A Tasket sashing.

Leslie said...

Wow, true artistry at work. It is neat to see what it looks like while you design your master pieces.

barbara jean said...

Oh, do bring your pieces with you on Saturday?
They are your fabric stash...and the quilt on the wall!

Melissa Lile said...

Carol, I'm glad I'm not the only one who has this "Squirrel's nest"!!!!