Friday, August 7, 2009

Fashion Friday

Last Saturday at our fabric dyeing class, Nancy, our hostess, came out with this very sweet picture of her mother. She reads my blog and mentioned Fashion Friday in regard to this photo. She let me borrow it and bring it home to scan and here is the delightful------- Vida VanPelt Newell, fashionably dressed in a dark, two pieced outfit featuring a ruffled blouse. The jacket appears to have a lovely fur collar and she carries a beautiful fur muff. Like the other up-to-date women of the time period, her hat provides the crowning touch to her chic ensemble.

Added later: (I think I was mistaken that this is Nancy's mother - I believe she is her grandmother.)

Thank you, Nancy, for sharing this really beautiful picture. (Click to enlarge)


Nancy said...

The picture of Grandma Newell looks good. I wonder where she would be going all dressed up.

barbara jean said...

Oh my, I love the hat...and the muff...maybe beaver?
You have to click on the picture and make it larger to really enjoy the outfit. What great photos you have of your family, Carol. : )

Janet said...

Your embroidered polka dot ladies remind me of your fashion friday ladies. Looks like you had great fun with your guild dying fabrics. This would be the best way to tackle such a messy and space demanding project. Sorry I've been behind on visiting my friends.