Wednesday, August 26, 2009

From Birds of a Feather

Ever since getting the books from Blackbird Designs, I have been wanting to start working on the wallhanging that I like so much from Birds of a Feather. Really, should I be starting something else? I don't suppose so, but what the heck - you only go around once. It is actually going to be a lot smaller than the pattern in the book. I did lots and lots of figuring and scanning and finally got the right combination to be able to make the applique blocks and the pieced sections fit together - I hope! The colors will look just perfect hanging over a little old chest in my dining area.
There is a method I found in another book I just got - William Morris in Applique (Gorgeous!!) - that I am going to try out for some of the small stems in some of these blocks. You fuse the narrow stems on the block and then cover them with an overlocking stitch - I assume in a color to match the fabric. Anxious to give that idea a try. The whole book features quilts that are machine appliqued and done almost entirely in the buttonhole stitch.
It is amazing how much gorgeous fabric is out there, how many wonderful methods there are to try - how things have changed in the last twenty years. (Click to enlarge)


blushing rose said...

Boy, do I EVER!!! love that quilt design. Colors are super. TTFN ~Marydon

Karen said...

Carol it's beautiful!!! Now I want to get my book out and make something.

Tozz said...

It is beautiful Carol and no wonder you fell in love with it!Hugs