Saturday, August 15, 2009

Polka Dot Girls

Here is the second block or section of the girls. This is the prettiest fabric - Moda makes good stuff. Love the soft, romantic colors. I goofed on the big block on this one although I would never redo it. When I copied it in mirror image and printed it out, it was actually bigger than the original so I almost had to sew over some of the embroidery when I sewed the blocks together. Have it figured out for the rest of them. I was almost done before I realized and there is no way that I would make a new one. Things like that keep a person humble. (My color is not too good in these pictures - I suppose I have pushed some wrong button on my camera!)
The first section - the girls are so cute. Great designer. (Click to enlarge)


Janet said...

You made me smile because only the maker knows the "mistakes". Haven't we all hidden something. Your end result will be great.(I caught that the 2nd Mary M block was to have red instead of green in the bottom. I fixed it and changed my post. No one else would have known.)

barbara jean said...

The Girls are really shaping up nicely! I'm wondering if my blocks are going to be the correct size also. I just drew them on the fabric and stitched 'em all up without really doing the MATH. : ) I'm really liking your Moda fabrics with the pinks/reds/yellow floss. Looking forward to doing the buttonhole stitch around the appliqued hearts like you do on all your posted applique pieces.

Karen said...

Looking good! So very pretty!