Sunday, August 23, 2009

Some of My Well Loved Dust Catchers

This is the baby cup that belonged to Ray's father. It has a chip, but it is beautiful.
Found these in an antique store. This sort of thing was popular when I was married.

She is so pretty! From 1958 (dated on the bottom) I have several of these. I found them in antique stores a long time ago. I think they are quite pricey now.

Two more of the little vases. The little girl in the hat is dated 1957, while the other little gal has $10.00 on the bottom - evidently that's what I paid for her. I did see one like her a few years ago and she was marked $60.00 so think they have gone up. I have so many things on my walls, my surfaces, and all around each room that it is really a challenge to dust! And, I must confess, I dust less all the time. However, I have this theory that dust is clean dirt - not filth - and once it is wiped it's as if it were never there. The catch is - it comes back, again and again. I am finding I can live with it for much longer periods than I used to be able to tolerate. Too many nice things to do other than spending lots of time cleaning! Getting smarter in my old age!!
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Jewels said...

From one "dusty" gal to another - who cares as long as you are surrounded by the things you love! I adore your ladies - you need to show me next time I am over. I know my eyes go into "over drive" everytime I visit because you have so many cool things to see! Later, J