Sunday, August 2, 2009

An Afternoon Dyeing Fabric

Yesterday, our guild sponsored an afternoon of fabric dyeing. The class was taught by Janna

who is very experienced with this process and a lot of fun in addition. Thanks, Janna, for guiding us through the ins and outs of dyeing fabric.
Hosting our get together was Nancy who graciously volunteered her backporch for the class.
Thank you so much, Nancy.
Here is Deb looking as if she is enjoying what she is doing. More of the girls intent on the tasks they are working on. Some of the bowls of dye. We used kits and there will be a variety of tones and hues. Here are my ziplock bags ready for the trip home. Mine were called "Prism". This morning I emptied each bag, rinsed the fabric well, then washed it all in the machine in hot water with synthrapol (I think that's how you spell it), dried and ironed it and--------------------- here they are!!! I think they are so very pretty. I know I gave Janna fits when I first started out but I finally caught on and I love the outcome. (Click to enlarge)


Lori Holt said...

They turned out so beautiful!!! Do I see appliqued flowers in the future?
x Lori

Jewels said...

They are very nice Carol - looks like everyone was having fun - and I love your August mag covers! Cheers, Jewels

Tozz said...

I hsve been thinking about dyeing my fabric for a long time and it is going to happen one day. I love your colours...they are so delicate:)

Leslie said...

Wow, Carol those fabrics are just perfect. I hope you all had fun and i am sorry that i had to miss it.

Karen said...

They are so beautiful!

barbara jean said...

Good to hear you all had a grand time dying.
I like the soft pastel colors from your kit.
Tell me, Carol, do you have the whole magazine or just the covers? I now regret throwing all my mom's old, old Needlework magazines away.