Sunday, September 20, 2009

After Visiting the Colonial Villa

This is one of the quilts that I took to share with the residents of the Colonial Villa when a group of quilters from Q2 were asked to come for National Assisted Living Week. I have made an entry a long time ago on my quilt - From There to There to There to Here - but I took some photos of some of the blocks and thought I would post them. This is hand quilted and machine appliqued - in the satin stitch. It hung in Paducah in 2002 and I am very proud of that. It started with some very ugly orange print fabric which I teamed up with fabric from my stash and also some newly purchased. Over the time it took to complete the quilt, we moved from Illinois to Michigan, I lived in four different homes and I lost my husband of 48 years. So this quilt has a lot of memories for me. It is bright and pretty despite the ugly orange fabric which you can see good sized pieces of in the right hand block in the second row below. My patterns came from everywhere - and some I designed. The border is very wide and has lots and lots and lots of feathers in it. Took a long time, but it is pretty. I no longer hand quilt - however, I am so glad that I did. Wish I could learn to machine quilt as well. That is coming along, though.

I just discovered that I put in the ring of grapes twice! I should take it out, but it is so hard to move things around on a post and takes
such a long time that I am just going to leave it!! :-) (Click to enlarge)


lesthook said...

A very beautiful quilt! I really love this type of quilt and hope to someday make one similar in style. I really love it!

Leslie said...

Well Carol, Leif and i are home after a very nice weekend up north. Relaxing and clear waters in the fall. This quilt i have seen before and each time i see it again i think that i love it even more. It is wonderful.

larry7pokey said...

This is very pretty. You do such nice work, I admire your projects often and do not always stop to say so. Thank you for keeping the bar high in your excellent work. p.s. I love that ugly orange in there-! :-} pokey

Karen said...

Just beautiful Carol!!