Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bag of Stuff Challenge 2006

Today I was cleaning up the guest bedroom since my son and his wife will be staying with me for a few days after we all are at the wedding of my oldest granddaughter--going to be a fun party! I am so looking forward to being with everyone again - and we will be on Mackinaw Island! How neat is that. Back to the cleaning - which doesn't happen very often around here anymore - I have this cute little quilt on the table by the bed. It is from a summer challenge in 2006 where the participants put all kinds of "stuff" in a bag and the bags were traded. Each one had to make something from the bag of stuff. I put some really old quilt blocks, some lace, and at the last minute threw in some yoyo's that really had no connection with anything. Lori got my bag and this is what she made me which is adorable. It came with a letter talking about the "damn yoyo's" which she ended up not using. It was so funny - she is just a peach of a gal. Anyway, I love this little piece and thank her so much for my "Damn YOYO Quilt".

I drew the bag that Claire had put together. It was filled with bright fabrics, buttons, sparkly tulle, etc. I decided to take a folk art block and color it wild. It turned out kind of cute. The bowl was covered with the tulle so it looks rather pale but it actually looked nice. A fun challenge. (Click to enlarge)

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Leslie said...

Gosh Carol, I remember that meeting it was so funny. I had Janna and she had to work with my dark fabrics that i sent for a fall wall hanging and remember Deb P. with the coasters that she made for someone. That was tons of fun, Lori M. always makes the challenges just the best to participate in doesn't she. Going up north in the morning for the weekend, I hope that we have good weather.