Sunday, September 13, 2009

Balloons Over Our Street

A little while ago I could hear a swishing noise outside - it came and went. Eventually, it got closer and it dawned upon me that it sounded like a hot air balloon. Out the door I went and sure enough, over the woods was a pretty balloon. Came back in and grabbed my camera and was quick enough to take several pictures. I had no sooner uploaded them to my computer and there were more swishes - so I went out again and there was another pretty balloon coming over the houses across the street. So I got some more pictures. It's a perfect evening for them - the air is calm. Going up in a balloon looks like a lot of fun. (Click to enlarge)


Leslie said...

Carol, Leif's brother owned a novelty hot air balloon and use to travel around with a group of balooners. When they were in Battle Creek a few years back i got to go for a ride in the Disney Castle Balloon, which at the time was the largest balloon on record. It was alot of fun but the weather and wind changed after about 40 minutes and we had to land in a farmers yard. What they do is put a bed sheet in there yards with a red X on it and that gives the ballooners permission to dump the balloon if necessary on their property. Then a group of followers that are traveling by cars hurry to arrive to the location and help with the landing. THe home owners are usually happy to have been a part of the packing and carrying of the balloon. It was just me and the 2 Disney Pilots in the basket of the balloon and as you can imagine knowing me we had a ton of fun.

Carol E. said...

They're so beautiful, but I'm a scaredy-cat to ever get into one.