Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Cool Blog on Machine Quilting


I did a post on Pass the Tiara for this blog by a young lady named Leah Day. She is featuring a different filler stitch (machine quilting) for each day for a year - kind of like "Julie and Julia". I have had a chance to look into it deeper and think it is really good. She does a little video for each stitch. Her voice is very pleasant, the videos are short, and I feel you will like it. If you do and you are in Q2 (our quilt guild) why don't you leave a comment over on Pass the Tiara? Julie and I are looking every day to see comments - and so far only one. I know you Q2 ladies are good at talking (as they say it takes one to know one!!)- and while you are at it, sign up as one of the followers of the guild's blog. You can get there easily by clicking on the little yellow duck towards the top of my sidebar.

For my other than Q2 friends (you are more than welcome to go look at our baby blog also!!) you can click on the link above and see what Leah is doing.

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Janet said...

Thank you to your friend and for linking us to this cool site. Her tutorials will be a great help. Thank you also for welcoming my friend Pokey. She is so much fun. She has been following me and you for a while and now she has taken the dive into blogland.