Monday, September 28, 2009

Digital Magazine

This morning while reading blogs that I follow, I was reading Tozz's Corner

which belongs to Vicki, a very talented lady from Australia. In her post, she was so excited about having the lovely bag that she designed on the cover of the Down Under Quilts, and she also mentioned that you could go to the website for a subscription. I did that and found there is a free six month online subscription for their digital magazine. I think it is a great magazine! And her bag is beautiful - the instructions are there for it. Back issues can also be viewed, I believe. Haven't looked into it too closely yet. That is evidently the way magazines are going now, and it might be a good way to get the overseas publications. Here is the link----

(I had a note from one of quilting friends that there seemed to be a problem with this link. If you do have troubles, just put "Down Under Quilts" in the search box and you will find links to follow there. Sorry for any trouble)
You might want to give it a looksee. Ditto, for Vicki's blog - there is a collaboration of designers going to post free Christmas patterns soon. Sounds like fun.


barbara jean said...

I did visit Tozz's Corner blog and put it in my faves. It's fun how one blog leads to another. And 'whoda' thought we would be sharing blogs on the other side of the world? : )

Karen said...

That's a good find!