Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Early Collage

This was in with the pictures that my brother sent me earlier. It is another of those "unknown but fun" pictures and I have absolutely no idea of who made this or where it came from. This morning I was going through some of the pictures and I really looked this over well. It is way cool. Dated April 13, 1921, someone put together a collage for her birthday. She was very creative! No photoshop back in those days but she cut and pasted the old fashioned way. This could be a forerunner of art journals. It seems like her name must be "Beany" and that it was her 34th birthday--judging from the baby carriage in the middle where it is noted "lst of 34." Hope you enjoy looking this over. Don't forget to (Click to enlarge)

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Jewels said...

Now how cool is that! Jewels