Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Second Quilt I Ever Pieced

Back in the late 1970's was when I was smitten with quilting. The first two quilts were from blocks given to me - ones that Ray's grandmother had made and some from my neighbor in Overland Park that had been pieced by her mother. That picture is on my sidebar along with the one below and a baby quilt that I pieced for Norah. These were all taken to a quilt shop I found in Rogers, Arkansas, that made arrangements for their quilting. This picture was in the local paper down there and was given to me by the lady who ran the quiltshop. The cost for having quilting done included the batting and I think the backing, too. I can remember that one of the quilts I had done was $50.00. Unbelievable - and the quilting is neat and very nice.
This is a little bit bigger picture than on the sidebar and you may be able to enlarge it. Of course, it is not digital!!! I have always loved this quilt and the bedroom at my house has always been red since this one was made. When I pieced the top, there were no rotary cutters, mats and plastic rulers that would make this a snap. I used cardboard squares, a ballpoint pen and scissors to cut piece. Naturally, you had to keep making new cardboard templates as they would wear out. In sewing the rows of squares together, if a seam didn't fall where it should, I would just take a seam in until it fit. Therefore, there are probably more rectangles than squares in the piece. All in all, though, you just can't tell!! How everything has changed! And a added comment - on the wall are two needlepoint pictures of flappers that I did in my needlepoint days. I was addicted to that for a lot of years, too. (Click to enlarge)


Leslie said...

Seen it and love it, Carol. I still love one of my first quilts also. I rotate my quilts seasonally, and i am loving my view of fall quilts at the moment.

Janet said...

Thanks for taking us back. I too started with scissors and cardboard templates. I remember "making" my seams match. I'm glad you still treasure this wonderful quilt.