Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Upcoming Weekend

Usually, I consider myself pretty calm at what I do especially when I am using my dear old Bernina. However, shortening pants can sometimes be a pain in the posterior especially if they are jerseylike. Slip and slide - that's what that fabric does and anymore things like that drive me bonkers. So, it was time for a break and some ice cream and then I will get back to the task refreshed - I hope.

The said pants are for the outfit I bought to wear this upcoming weekend. Friday morning, we will be on our way to Mackinac Island, the entire family from all directions, to celebrate the wedding of Norah and Chad on Saturday, September 5th. Also there to join in the fun will be Chad's mom and her husband, his sister and her boyfriend and two couples who are best friends. We will all be staying in the same place and tomorrow evening my daughter and her husband are hosting a pizza party in the parlor at the hotel. So looking forward to this happy occasion....which
is the day after Ray's and my 60th anniversary. I wish them so much happiness as they start out on this wonderful, though occasionally bumpy, road of married life. Bless you both!
Now back to the unfinished task of shortening the darned pants!! (Click to enlarge)

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