Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What a Wonderful Weekend

What a gorgeous weekend we had for Norah and Chad's wedding! You could not have ordered more perfect weather for such a happy event - something so special to look back upon and remember all the lovely moments, laughs, love, and all that is so special when you are with those you love the most. The bed and breakfast where we stayed and where the ceremony took place on the verandah was really just the perfect spot. The picture above is my daughter taking pictures on the ferry going over to Mackinac Island.

Norah's dress was beautiful - and the little pearl flowers in her hair perfect. What a beautiful couple.

The wedding party - my three granddaughters, my new grandson, his very pretty sister (best girl) and his best friend. I think they are a handsome group!
Will post a couple of family pictures later, but wanted to get this up for you to see. Bill and Ann just left to go back to KC so now I will get the laundry done and back into my routine which I was so happy to be away from for a while. What a good time! (The last picture is great when you click to enlarge)


barbara jean said...

Beautiful wedding picture, Carol. I thought your daughter was "you" with the camera--until I clicked on it to enlarge it. You look so much alike : ) Looking forward to you posting more wedding pictures.

Karen said...

Lovely post Carol!