Monday, October 19, 2009

Another Red Applique

This is a block I put together for the class last week. When I did it, I decided to use the reds that I have all together for the Red Delicious BOM which is now waiting for the sashings and the final construction. Yesterday I finished doing the buttonhole stitch around all the pieces of this basket of flowers. I love red anyway and can see this as a full size quilt. There is enough of the background fabric, which I really like, to make more than enough blocks. The blocks are large - 16 inches - so easy to do.
In this picture, you can see where I tried using a different stitch around the flower center. It is really no big deal, but I did the feather stitch and it turned out well. That could really be a nice feature on, for instance, a block that you used black thread as a contrast - or gold. I don't have many fancy stitches on my machine but the sky would be the limit for the quilters that do. (Click to enlarge)


Leslie said...

I just really love that block, I can't wait to start the red felted wool blocks that you, Linda and Janet helped me find the background for while at Delphine's shop. I love red also.

Karen said...

I thought I forgot to print off a Red Delicious pattern! What a pretty block Carol! The background fabric is perfect.

Anonymous said...

your new look is very cheery but I miss
your old fashioned pictures.