Thursday, October 22, 2009

Estate Sale Purchases

My kitty corner neighbors have moved into an assisted living facility here in town and have their condo up for sale with an estate sale to further clear things out. A really nice couple, they will be missed here. Their home is beautiful and has been remodeled in a way that I would love to have at my house, but of course that won't happen. They are in a lovely spot, too, one of the very best in our complex.
I walked over a little while ago and bought a few items. There is not much I need but I found these two pretty dresser scarves and pair of pillowcases.
Don't know whether the pillowcases are hand done or not but they are pretty and were not expensive. Would look really nice with lots of other pillows on a quilt on a bed.

And in the basement, I found this - an ironing board that is quite a bit wider than the ordinary ones with a place on the end for the iron. A good place for pressing large pieces of fabric or quilttops and backs. Only $10 so a good buy. I think I could just fold and pin fabric on for a cover when a new one is needed. My mom used to do that all the time. There were a lot of pretty items and some very nice furniture - all good buys. However, my house is chockful now so I am not in need of anything like that. Estate sales and auctions are good places to find things to furnish a home, though. (Click to enlarge)


Leslie said...

Oh on this rainy day I wish I could have seen you running across the street with your newly purchased treasures. I found an old box for tools at my neighbors estate sale with the original blue paint on it a few years back. The fella told me he was sorry he didn't have time to put a new coat of paint on it so he would let me have it for 10.00. It is my very favorite find ever and I have it on an old chest at the foot of my bed. I would have paid $40.00 for it. lol

Jewels said...

Man Carol - good thing I was not there! I love the embroidery work. That ironing board looks like it will come in handy . Jewels

Karen said...

Some excellent finds Carol. Love the wide ironing board.

Tozz said...

I too love looking thru those sorts of sales....some good finds you got :)