Friday, October 9, 2009

Fashion Friday

Our models for almost all of the Fashion Fridays have been from the twenties, but today we will advance to the year 1957 to the town of Ft. Madison, Iowa. Here we find Carol and Sherry all dressed up for church. Sherry is looking adorable in her pretty little dress with the full skirt, her white shoes and anklets and a sweet little hat that has a ribbon around the brim. Wearing a dark two piece suit with white buttons and a corsage, Carol has topped her outfit off with a hat that looks rather like a flying saucer, a term that had not even been thought of back then, at least I think I am right on that. Big white earrings complete the look. On the front stoop under the mailbox is the insulated box where the milkman left the milk. It's been a while since milk has been delivered! (Click to enlarge)

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Norah said...

Ha ha ha -- flying saucer! I didn't think about it that way until your description. Cute pic!! xoxo