Thursday, October 8, 2009

More Tisket A Tasket

Here is a shot of the nine blocks for Tisket a Tasket. Some are without little embellishments in the way of buttons, mostly, that I will add after it is all together. Three more to go - one of which I have just downloaded and it is a darling little witch and black cat for October's basket. I have thoroughly enjoyed doing these cute, quick little blocks.
Anonymous left a comment (thank you for the compliment) and wondered what foot I used, thread and settings on my machine. The thread I have been using for the past few months is Sulky and I really like it. It's expensive but the coupons and sales at Joann's bring the price down nicely. The foot above is an open toed machine embroidery foot (I think that's what it is called) and it gives you a clear view of where you are sewing and also where you are going! I use this the most of any of the feet I have. After I got my Bernina, my son asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I told him about this foot. He went to a shop and asked for a shoe - close!

Here are the settings I use on my 21 year old machine. They actually are the default settings and I love the way they look. It is very easy to adjust them to another size if you wish, especially when you are coming to a point or doing a small piece. I look forward to teaching a machine buttonhole class for our guild next week and hope I can do a good job and not get all rattled! As I have gotten older, I am not as glib as I used to be when talking and, like most old people, get hung up on words occasionally. I am sure the gals in the class will give me a nudge and help me along. (Click to enlarge)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the infor. Hey! I had the same machine as you and I loved it too. I just gave
it to my daughter and got a new one. I felt
like I was giving my best friend away!

blushing rose said...

Love that design!!

Have a snuggly warm eve.TTFN ~Marydon

Amy said...

It's so cute!
I love quilts.