Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Birthday Present Came in the Mail

For my birthday last August, those three pretty girls that are pictured at the bottom of my sidebar (my dear granddaughters) told me I would be getting the Ally McBeal series in October. It has arrived as they said it would and I want Norah, Molly and Hannah to know how much I am going to enjoy this gift and that I thank them so much for such a great gift and that I love them so very, very much. This is one of my all time favorite television series that I just hated to see go off the air. So quirky and cute. Any series that David Kelley had anything to do with has always been a favorite of mine. Picket Fences, Boston Legal, Boston Public are the ones I think of right now. This will take a while to watch, but it will be there for me on the long nights this winter and I will enjoy it as much now as I did then.


Jewels said...

How cool is that! I loved that show to - though I have to say the dancing baby kinda freaked me out....enjoy! Jewels

Pokey said...

How neat, you have some fun t.v. watching coming up, maybe while you sew? :-} I never really got into the show, but believe me, we still share times we have an "Ally McBeal" moment! pokey

Norah said...

We know it and you are very welcome!!! xoxo