Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fashion Friday

Nelle and her friend, Ruth, in their finery ready for a lovely day. Ruth's lovely outfit consists of a dress or skirt of taffeta with a double ruffle around the bottom and she is wearing a pretty belted three-quarter coat. Her shoes are white as are her stockings. She carries a lovely metal purse with a pretty chain handle. A really pretty high crowned hat that has a flower feature on on the top completes her ensemble. Nelle is looking very stylish in what seems to be a two piece dark suit that has button and piping trim on the sleeves and pocket. She, too, is wearing white shoes and they are the high top button style. More ornate than Ruth's, Nelle's hat is the same high crown type with a lovely floral cluster on the side. Two very pretty ladies on a lovely day in Peoria, Illinois, way back somewhere around 1920. Were they on their way to Glen Oak Park? (Click to enlarge)

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