Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November ATC's

I have written about Mopsy in the last paragraph and wanted to put in a picture of her. She is out of place, but I have never figured out how to move the pictures around!

Theme this month is Paper Dolls - which were a major part of my childhood, probably even into the eighth grade. At that point, it was more drawing around the dolls and designing clothes for them . I had a friend, Fern Davis, who was just as enthusiastic as I was when it came to these paper playmates. We would spend hours drawing, designing, coloring and creating pretty things for our paps. I did four different cards - all featuring cutouts from the Sunday funny papers. The first is Jane Arden - and that one was probably right at the peak of my interest. She was in the paper often. Next was Tillie the Toiler and I think the particular doll on that card would have been before my time a little - and the chubby cutie below was when I was really little so I probably never had one of her. Boots and her Buddies were during my paper doll days.

I tried hard to find an image of a Brenda Starr paper doll, my second favorite. Mopsy was my very first favorite. However, I think with Mopsy, it was more the comic strip since most of the paper dolls I found of her where at a later date when I would have given them up. I do recall loving to try and draw her with her wonderful curly hair. I am going to add a picture of her to this post, but it will be at the top of it since I don't know how to move the pics around. Anyway, hope you enjoy this little "piece of the past". (Click to enlarge)

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blushing rose said...

Oh, gosh! Did we ever enjoy playing paper dolls. In the summer all the neighborhood girls gathered on our front porch bringing their dolls to play with. We had great times.

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Have a lovely eve. TTFN ~Marydon