Monday, November 16, 2009

A Pretty Evening Sky

I enjoy the little condo I live in a lot, but there certainly is not anything in the way of scenery to look at. All the little houses are painted a brown that I never would have picked out and the carports have no doors. I am by no means knocking this place, though, as there are some really nice people here and the board takes good care of everything. I was on the board for a long time and this is a unique little complex and it's really the perfect spot for me. I digress, as usual, since what I wanted to do was comment on this beautiful sunset I photographed a couple of evenings ago. I held the camera high to get as little of the buildings as possible. You can't see a lot of the sky here but that evening what you could see was so very pretty. I loved the bare tree silhouetted against the pinks and mauves of sunset. Digital cameras are such fun and the photos so clear and beautiful. (Click to enlarge)


Karen said...

Very beautiful!

Leslie said...

I enjoyed Castle and Dancing with the Stars last night, did you. I am afraid that Donny might get the boot tonight. I think that he probably has more talent than Kelly Osborne though. So I better get my shower taken and get in my P.J.s and fill a few stitching needles with thread and get in my position for T.V. and sewing for the night. Talk to you soon. lol