Monday, November 2, 2009

Some of My Little Doodads

Here are some old book holders for the backs of church pews that I found in an antique warehouse in Bay City. I really like them - they look pretty with the other oak things I have in my house. Below them is a little chest that I just love. I have always been drawn to anything with lots of drawers.
This little fellow with the basket and grapes is so pretty - it was in with Ray's mother's things. It has a chalky like finish and is quite delicate.

I just love this little lady - found her with Clemie's things, also. It, too, is matte finished and I have no idea what it is. She hangs under one of my motto pictures - Joyce Kilmer's "Trees".

This would have been a piece of toy furniture for a little girl. It came from the Flea Market in Lawrence, Kansas, which was a veritable treasure trove. I think Sherry bought this for me as a gift one time. I have lots of little old pieces sitting on it including the little freight car which was from a little wooden train that was Sherry's when she was really little (daughter of a railroad man!). Can you imagine giving a little one anything like that in this day and age? It has wooden wheels, wire axles and couplers - what a no no! She knew all the cars - the reefer, caboo and engine. There is also a little cup and saucer I bought at the dime store when I was in high school on the top shelf and an old cold cream jar with flowers in it. Isn't good old junque fun?
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Leslie said...

Those things seem to make me the happiest. If you like it and it makes you happy than junk it is not. :)
P.S. Castle makes me happy don't forget to watch tonight. lol

Funoldhag said...

No way would I forget to watch Castle! What a gorgeous man. I also love the Mentalist - he's a smoothie, too. Eye candy.

Tozz said...

I love all your little doodads...the display looks lovely :) The lady looks so serene :)

Karen said...

Love all the doodads!! Me really likes the book holders and chest!

Pokey said...

I like the book/hymn holders on your wall, I've never seen that done before. and, what is it about cabinets and chests with drawers? I love them too! I figured it was my penchant to poke the drawers full with any lovely little thing I find :-} pokey