Sunday, November 22, 2009

To the Art Fair

Sherry picked me up this afternoon and we went out for a nice lunch then over to the art fair at the Center for the Arts that is held every year at this time. The artists are juried in and all of the booths are filled with lovely goodies to buy - I am sure much Christmas shopping is done there each year. There are lots of ceramics, jewelry, wood carvings--and some of the most beautiful felted wool articles in the way of tams, flowers, vests, scarves, jackets, etc. If I were young and wealthy and thin (I don't think that's going to happen!) I would love to wear things like that. However, I can still enjoy looking at them and dreaming a bit. I usually don't buy much of anything, but today a booth with this beautiful candle holder and other great items caught our eyes and I really just thought this is one of the prettiest things I have seen in a long time. I love candles and especially ones that twinkle through mosaic like exteriors. Can you see the real flower that is integrated in the holder somehow? Isn't that just the coolest thing? Sherry wanted to buy it for me, but I will let her find something else and call this a Christmas present for me from me. Merry Christmas, Carol! (Click to enlarge)


Karen said...

Yes, Merry Christmas Carol! That sure is a beauty!

Anonymous said...

After much searching I found your pumpkin pie recipe that you had posted quite some time ago on your blog -- the one that uses sweetened condensed milk! Where did I find it? In my Documents in a folder entitled "Recipes" LOL : ) that I saved. I had a thought -- how great would it be if Carol had a Tasty Tuesday to go with Fashion Friday and would share her recipes? That's quite a wonderful collection of them that you have put together. Anyway, I'm making your pumkin pie for our Thanksgiving dessert. Thanks a bunch---
and Have a Happy Thanksgiving. ---bje

Leslie said...

The candle will be just wonderful lite during the holidays and on cold nights. We decked the halls and the balconyand the fireplace mantel at the log cabin this past weekend. It is so very pretty. When the kids arrive up there they will be so surpriseed to see it decorated. Thanks again for the funny card, I am still laughing about it.