Monday, December 28, 2009

Ain't They Sweet?

When I was putting things away (the bedroom where I sew looked like a hurricane went through) I found a manilla envelope with all kinds of little goodies in it that I must have set aside for something. It had some darling pictures of the girls, some letters and notes they had written, and other little bits of memorabilia that grandmas save! There were quite a few pictures - no time sequence - mainly just really cute ones of the girls that I had set aside. I just now scanned this one of Norah and Molly sometime in the late 80's when they all came back to Illinois from Michigan to visit grandma and grandpa for Christmas. I am pretty sure it was before Hannah was born. Anyway, they both had new haircuts and are as cute as can be! I just could not resist posting this picture! (Click to enlarge)


Norah said...

Man, I cannot believe that's not Fashion Friday-worthy! With the terrible haircuts and 80s "fashion." But great memories!!


Leslie said...

Hey Carol, I left you a comment about your majorette boots from your pieces of the past blog. You looked very nifty in your boots.